Cabinet Styles

Just so Many Options…

The cabinet doors you choose can be the most important decision you face in your kitchen re-model or new installation. There are options for any budget in many different styles. Here are a few of our most popular (and favorites).

Weight Lifting Class


The shaker cabinet is the most common that you will see in kitchens these days. These cabinet doors will have a recessed panel and minimal adornments. A shaker kitchen or bathroom will look great for years to come and can be easily incorporated into multiple design styles.

  • Works great for any budget
  • Simple straight lines
  • Classic look and feel

Weight Lifting Class

Traditional Style

Traditional style cabinets often use raised panel doors with decorative molding’s. Options include columns, posts, raised end panels, the combinations are endless. Traditional cabinets are often considered timeless because they never go out of style.

  • Decorative and ornamental
  • Timeless charm
  • Endless options



Often confused with Contemporary designs, Modern design throws homage to past eras and their enduring styles. It typically incorporates woods and earthier elements while maintaining a streamlined and modern feel.

  • Modern look and feel
  • Clean lines, no visual distractions
  • More material options to choose from



Contemporary style cabinets are great for today and tomorrow’s household kitchens and bath. A minimalist approach to design makes for open spaces and less visual confusion. Clean architectural lines and less ornamentation help optimize efficiency through simplicity.

  • Clean architectural lines
  • Less ornamentation
  • Open space feel


Rustic // Distressed

Rustic cabinets feature the beauty in wood and all of it’s natural variations. Knots and mineral streaks are all featured and considered desirable.

Distressed cabinets give the look of an antique while providing the durability and quality of a new kitchen or bath. They are often incorporated in cabins or kitchen islands, but they can be designed to look and feel great anywhere.

  • Antique & classic feel
  • Features wood’s natural beauty
  • The imperfections are perfection